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Whats brown and sticky??

A stick!

3 July
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I like butter
there is no other like butter
i have my very own butter cutter
i like bread
bread and butter- almost enough said
i like toast
toast is the most that tummy tickling thing toast
i like jelly
i like jelly in my belly
on toast
with butter!
(and a reminder, there is no other quite like butter)
so i take my bread, yea thats what i said
i take my bread and toast it
toast the bread.
this isnt impromptu there is a step two
and so i take my butter cutter and spread my butter like no other
next lets move to the jelly, soon to be in my belly
belly makes me jokularly jump for joy, like jack
so i jump for the jelly and jerk it outta the jug.
jelly makes me jolly, when my my toast thats the most
but now my toast is a goast, i ate it

:jonathan herndon